Thursday, 20 March 2014

Top Fives: Canada on American Netflix

I have a secret about Netflix to share... There is far more Canadian content on American Netflix than the actual Canadian one.

Mind blown, right?

Both Netflix regions allow you to search Canadian content, in Canada it is listed under genres (odd but true), while to find this stuff on the American version, you must specifically search "Canadian movies".

These searches will yield 68 results on the Canadian, while the American list yields just over 200 titles! 

If you have access to American Netflix, I highly recommend you check out some of these, and to help you make your picks I've put together some Top 5 Lists.

As you may know, the Canadian film industry is often stereotyped as only having Docs and Horrors... But that is mostly true, so these will be my points of focus.

* * * * * *


1. Lost and Delirious (Lea Pool 2001)

4.5 Stars

Genre: Drama/Romance


Plot: A coming of age tale that explores sexual awakenings and young love at an all girls boarding school.

Starring: Mischa Barton and Jessica Pare

Location: Lennoxville, QC

2. Tucker & Dale VS Evil  (Eli Craig 2010)

4.25 Stars

Genre: Comedy/Horror


Plot: Two "Backwoods" guys have their weekend in the woods go terribly wrong when they are mistaken for psychotic killers by a group of vengeful college kids

Starring: Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk

Location: Alberta, Can.

3. The Whale (Chisholm and Parfit 2011)

4.25 Stars

Genre: Doc


Plot: Exploring the conflicts over Luna, a whale living off Vancouver Island

Starring: Ryan Reynolds (yup)

Location: Vancouver, BC

4. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (Dunn and McFadyen 2010)

4.25 Stars

Genre: Doc


Plot: Exploring the progression of Canadian Rock Band Rush from 70s rock to their new Heavy Metal sound

Starring: ...Rush 

Location: Toronto, ON

5. Goon (Michael Dowse 2011)

4.2 Stars

Genre: Comedy


Plot: The true story of how one sweet hockey fan, Doug Glatt, became a hockey legend... For his fighting skills.

Starring: Sean William Scott and Jay Baruchel

Location: Manitoba, SK

* * * * * *


1. Tucker & Dale VS Evil (Eli Craig 2010)

Netflix: 4.25 Stars

My Rating: 5 Stars


Gory and hilarious, this film subverts not only genre conventions, but stereotypes in general. The first legitimately good horror/comedy since Scary Movie (that I've seen, at least).

2. American Mary (Jen/Sylvia Soska 2012)

Netflix: 3.75 Stars

My Rating: 4 Stars


Gory, with a story to tell about life. With all the ups and downs, these characters prove that learning how to be you is of the utmost importance - oh and revenge, that's pretty high up there too.

3. Haunter (Vincenzo Natali 2013)

Netflix: 3.5 Stars

My Rating: 4 Stars


Suspenseful and dark, this film subverts the haunted-house narrative when a young girl must solve the mystery of her own demise.

4. A Little Bit Zombie (Casey Walker 2012)

Netflix: 3.25 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Looks great!)


A Zom-Com that looks to be along the same comedic lines as the original Evil Dead trilogy.

5. The Moth Diaries (Mary Harron 2011)

Netflix: 3.2 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Looks Chilling)


A Gothic tale - Boarding school, New Girl, Dark Secrets (That's probably enough said). 

* * * * * *

TOP 5 DOCS (Sad to say, I've seen NONE of these ones)

1. The Whale (Chisholm and Parfit 2011)

Netflix: 4.25 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Looks Heartwarming)

Confliction over Luna, the killer whale off the Vancouver coast.

2. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (Dunn and McFadyen 2010)

Netflix: 3.25 Stars

My Rating: N/A

A look at the 40-year career of Canadian Rock-Legends, Rush.

3. Reel Injun (Neil Diamond!! and Catherine Bainbridge 2009)

Netflix: 3.25 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Neil Diamond?!)


An examination of Hollywood's wildly inaccurate depictions of Native Americans throughout time.

4. 65_RedRoses (Lyall and Mukerji 2009)

Netlfix: 3.1 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Strikes me as a Must-See)


Following the life of Eva Markvoot, a young woman suffering from the fatal illness Cystic Fibrosis as she develops an online network of support, creating friendships with other patients across borders.

5. Greenwich Village: Music that Defined a Generation (Laura Archibald 2012)

Netflix: 3.1 Stars

My Rating: N/A (Canada has a long relationship with beautiful Music-Docs, so it's fair to have high expectations)

Blending interviews and archival footage, this doc is a profile of the Folk Legends who put Greenwich Village on the map (so to speak).

* * * * * *

Well, I hope that helps spruce up your Canadian Film Viewing - Might as well take advantage of this freezing weather and stay in!